The idea of capturing an image has fascinated me since childhood. Seeing an image come to life in the darkroom was a magical experience. This fascination started with my grandfather's Rolleiflex TLR shooting black and white film. After extensive work with film delving into medium format, rangefinders and SLRs I have now settled on digital as my exclusive medium of choice.

While I have photographed a wide variety of subjects, landscape and nature is where I focused a lot as the combination of the beauty in nature, the almost infinite moods created by the constantly changing light provides limitless opportunities.

I live in the beautiful northwest part of United States in the Seattle, WA area. As such a lot of my work features the landscape in this area. I have also travelled to other parts of the country, notably the southwest which contrasts with the landscape here in the northwest.

The process of creating a fine art print out of these images completes the vision of the images which starts with experiencing the moment.

All of the images in the gallery are available for sale. I print my own images using a variety of fine art papers and printed on wide gamut inkjet printers. Contact me for pricing and sizes.